Winter Music Conference 2015 Tips & Tricks


HOME BLOG CONTACTS winter music conference tips and tricks From March 24-29, 2015, I went for the first time to the¬†Winter Music Conference, a week full of panels, concerts, pool parties, and DJ sets all around Miami Beach. It was a dream come true. I was very excited about the whole thing, hoping to meet […]

The Chemical Brothers – Hanna OST (2011, Universal)

Yeah, the boys are back again with their first Film score!!!And it sound damn’ good! I know what you’re thinkin’ now… they copied Daft Punk and made a score. While the robots made an orchestral score plus a bunch of their classic house-groovey sounds, Chems made a soundtrack with their classic hard-to-the-core electronica style. Dark […]

A Groooooovy 2010!!!!

“Music, particolarly strongly rhythmic music provides a mechanism for the synchronization of the body and its various subsystems” Robyn Sylvan, Traces of the Spirit, 2002 Just give an example… an example…

Wildchild – Renegade Master 1998

In memory of Roger McKenzie aka Wildchild (1971-1995) Renegade Master is a classic mastercut. I really loved and still love this track. FatBoySlim’s oldschool mix is unbelievable, and i remember the song in 1998… one of the best party songs of all time. Unfortunately Roger McKenzie aka Wildchild prematurely died in 1995, so he has […]

Chemical Brothers – Albums

-Exit planet dust (1995) – Dig your own hole (1997) – Surrender (1999) goodmusic – Come with us (2002) -Singles 93-2003 -Push the Button (2005) – We are the night (2007)http// – Brotherhood (2008)

Chemical Brothers – Singles

Singles:1995 – “Leave Home” #17 UK1995 – “Life is Sweet” #25 UK1996 – “Setting Sun” #1 UK, #80 US1997 – “Block Rockin’ Beats” #1 UK1997 – “Elektrobank” #17 UK1997 – “The Private Psychedelic Reel” (chart ineligible EP)1999 – “Hey Boy Hey Girl” #3 UK1999 – “Let Forever Be” #9 UK1999 – “Out of Control” #21 […]

Chemical Borthers – EPs

Tom & Ed met in history class at Manchester University in 1988. They started off as DJ’s known as “The 237 Turbo Nutters” (named after the number of their house on Dickenson Road in Manchester and a reference to their Blackburn raving days). They then opted for “The Dust Brothers” which they nicked from the […]

maxim – Hell’s Kitchen (2000)

This is the 1st Lp from Maxim, the great Prodigy MC.A good groovy album featuring Skin of Skunk anansie and old-school rap legendDivine styler. Tracklist:1. Hadrian’s Wall 2. Killing Culture 3. Carmen Queasy feat. Skin 4. Spectral Wars feat. Divine Styler 5. Hell’s Kitchen 6. Scheming 7. Worldwide Syndicates f. Tony Titanium 8. Soul Seller […]