MC Jazzy jeff (Jeff Miree) was a rapper from band Funky Four+1. One of the first Hiphop bands founded in 1979 in NYC. The most famous song of the band it’s the classic evergreen masterpiece “That’s the Joint“. Jazzy started his solo career in 1983, after Funky 4+1 splitted up.

All Music guide says:
“His only album, On Fire (1985), was notable for its intelligent lyrics and lack of over-the-top machismo”.

Funky 4+1 story
Funky 4+1 story 2
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A1 Mix So I Can Go Crazy (4:35)

A2 Rock It (Rock It) (5:13)

A3 People On The Subway (5:00)

A4 My Mother (Yes I Love Her) (4:22)

B1 King Heroin (Don’t Mess With Heroin) (4:17)

B2 Fire (5:55)

B3 Hear This (Yes I Quit) (5:16)

B4 So This Is Funk (5:01)

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