What can i say about Daft Punk? Fundamental.

The mysterious French duo Daft Punk have never revealed their true identity, wearing an ever-changing selection of masks to cover their real faces in interviews and concerts. The media-shy duo have nevertheless become an absolute phenomenon on the 90’s music scene. Daft Punk have not only put French techno on the map but convinced music fans around the world that the leading Anglo-Saxon groups in this domain now have a serious rival.

The Daft Punk story began back in 1987 when Guy-Manuel de Homem Christo (born in 1974) and Thomas Bangalter (born in 1975), met in the playground of their Paris lycée and became best friends.
Thomas Bangalter came from a musical background, his father having been involved in the French disco movement in the 70’s, and it was not long before the pair decided to form their own group with a number of lycée friends. Calling themselves Darlin’, the group recorded a début single in 1992 on the English label Duophonic (which had recently been set up by the Anglo-French techno group Stereolab). The single which sold a mere 1,500 copies proved a hit with the British music press who declared it to be a promising first effort. However, the single did not find favour with all music journalists, one particularly harsh critic dismissing it as “daft punk”. (Far from taking offence at this description, the French duo actually found it amusing and they would later rename their new group Daft Punk). While the British music press had given the group’s first single a good write-up, Darlin’ remained practically unknown in their homeland. They performed a number of local gigs, but eventually Thomas and Guy-Manuel began to grow bored of the group’s sound. The turning-point in their musical career came when the pair attended a giant rave held at EuroDisney in 1993. There they met the directors of a small Scottish techno label Soma. Quitting their group of lycée friends, Thomas and Guy-Manuel formed a duo, and started developing their innovative techno/house style. A year after meeting the Soma directors at the rave, the duo released their début single on the Scottish label under the name Daft Punk. The 2-track CD (featuring “New wave” and “Alive”) scored another big hit with the British music press. Daft Punk soon proved to be a pioneering force on the techno/house scene, pushing back the boundaries of the genre to integrate elements of other musical styles such as disco, rock and groove. Moving away from the pure house sound (that had originated in Chicago in the early 80’s) Daft Punk created their own innovative 90’s fusion, mixing a powerful techno beat with musical influences from their adolescence (everything from Jimi Hendrix and The Stooges to Kiss, Television, David Bowie and Talking Heads – without forgetting a good dose of French chanson star Serge Gainsbourg !). Daft Punk returned to the studio in May 95 to record “Da Funk”, the techno/dance/rock instrumental which would catapult the duo to the forefront of the international dance scene. The duo were suddenly in demand, and they spent the following year touring Europe’s rave scene where their frenetic DJing drove crowds on the dancefloor wild.Daft Punk proved phenomenally successful on the London dance scene, where they were soon so big that they were invited to support one of their favourite groups The Chemical Brothers. Daft Punk also made a name for themselves among the DJ community with their brilliant remixes of singles by The Chemical Brothers and singer Gabrielle. By this point Daft Punk’s fame had started to spread beyond the underground rave scene and the duo were signed by Richard Branson’s record label Virgin in 1996. Daft Punk’s hit “Musique” was included on a compilation album on Virgin’s techno label Source, which was the first label to release the group’s records in France.

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And now, it’s time to listen, but i’m quite sure you know better their songs. But if you don’t because you hate new electronic sounds… Believe me… Give daft punk a chance!!

– Early Singles (1992-1997)

It contains the following Singles and EPs:

– Darlin’ (1992)
– The New Wave EP (1994)
– Da Funk (single) [1996]
– Revolution 909 (single) [1996]
– Around the World (single) [1997]
– Burnin’ (Single) [1997]


> Albums:

– Homework (1996)

01 – daftendirekt
02 – wdpk 83.7 fm
03 – revolution 909
04 – da funk
05 – phoenix
06 – fresh
07 – around the world
08 – rollin’ & scratchin’
09 – teachers
10 – high fidelity
11 – rock’n roll
12 – oh yeah
13 – burnin’
14 – ino silver club
15 – alive
16 – funk ad


– Discovery (2001)

01 one more time
02 aerodynamic
03 digital love
04 harder, better, faster, stronger
05 crescendolls
06 nightvision
07 superheroes
08 high life
09 something about us
10 voyager
11 veridis quo
12 short circuit
13 face to face
14 too long


– Human After All (2005)

1. Human After All
2. The Prime Time Of Your Life

3. Robot Rock

4. Steam Machine

5. Make Love

6. The Brainwasher

7. On/Off

8. Television Rules The Nation

9. Technologic 10. Emotion


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