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Around the mid-sixties, orchestra director Armando Sciascia began his activity as a producer and editor by creating the Vedette record label, and together with a group of friends and musicians began to produce soundtrack material for films, documentaries and TV shows. By the end of the sixties Vedette had begun to market their recordings, releasing records like the Phase 6 Super Stereo series, to which our compilation “Phase 6 Superstereo” pays tribute.


01. Easy Macumba 02:12

02. Sexy World (Vocal) 02:53

03. Encatenada (chained) 02:42

04. Hot Twist 02:01

05. The Mad Madison 2:22

06. Ballata Messicana (Mexican Ballad) 2:21

07. Sexy World (Instrumental.) 02:13

08. Su, Su Nel Cielo 03:00

09. Madison Bounce 02:34

10. Mare Calmo 03:07

11. Rumeno Swing 02:53

12. Cantata Di Veronique 03:16

13. Festa Indiana 03:00
14. Un Sogno Vero (Real Dream) 05:21

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