Daft Punk – Tribute Part 2

Daft Punk Digital Love Video Tribute Daft Punk – Something about us video tribute Singles Part Two (2000-2006) – One more time– Aerodynamic EP– Digital Love– Face To Face– Something About Us– Human After All Remixes– Prime Time of Your Life Ahttp://www.mediafire.com/?mmknuykyxtzBhttp://www.mediafire.com/?lo5rhnmjyynChttp://www.mediafire.com/?jmdmkijme24Dhttp://www.mediafire.com/?t0zmzmoonwa

Telefon Tel Aviv – Immolate Yourself (2009)

Telefon Tel Aviv is a Chicago-based band. This is their last album published for BPitch control, a German well-known electronic music label. This new work contains pop songs surrounded by evocative ethereal atmospheres with bang-up digi-electro drums. Unofrtunately this may be their last real album because Charles W.Cooper died in mysterious circumstances. http://www.mediafire.com/?jjonwjjdmzw

Birdy Nam Nam – The Parachute Ending (Video)

Amazing brand new video taken from first album “Manual of succesful rioting“. This track is produced by French-duo Justice. Birdy Nam Nam are a French DJ crew and good music producers too!!

Daft Punk – Tribute

What can i say about Daft Punk? Fundamental. The mysterious French duo Daft Punk have never revealed their true identity, wearing an ever-changing selection of masks to cover their real faces in interviews and concerts. The media-shy duo have nevertheless become an absolute phenomenon on the 90’s music scene. Daft Punk have not only put […]