In memory of Roger McKenzie aka Wildchild (1971-1995)

Renegade Master is a classic mastercut. I really loved and still love this track. FatBoySlim’s oldschool mix is unbelievable, and i remember the song in 1998… one of the best party songs of all time. Unfortunately Roger McKenzie aka Wildchild prematurely died in 1995, so he has never listened to da awesome FatBoySlim remix. Maximum respect to his work with label Dark Black , he got talent but sometimes life is so strange…

1. fatboy slim old school edit
2. original mix (1995)

3. tall paul mix

4. fatboy slim old school mix

5. fatboy slim new school mix

6. urban takeover mix
7. s’n’v’ fool flava mix

8. s’n’v’ moonmen mix

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