1 romo – intro
2 justice – DVNO (LA riots remix)
3 jamie lidell – figure me out
4 chk chk chk – must be the moon
5 stetsasonic – talkin’ all that jazz (dominique torti dub)
6 MFSB – zack’s fanfare
7 brothers johnson – ain’t we funkin’ now
8 earth, wind and fire – mighty mighty
9 rose royce – dance with me
10 gary tom’s empire – 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 (Blow Your Whistle)
11 sam peake & metropolis – metropolis
12 patrick adams present phreek – weekend
13 vernon burch – do it to me
14 bar-kays – whitehouseorgy
15 MFSB – i’m on your side
16 aretha franklin – Since You’ve Been Gone (sweet sweet baby)
17 romo – outro
18 marco passarani – in my world

Swingin’Cuts 16, Selected by Romo

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