Hello people!!!!
Back by Popular demand!!!
A new Fat selection is finally Online!!!

This compilation begins with a classic Mambo stomp by the “Diva” Yma
and goes on with a klassik early 90’s unda rap shit by Kaotic style.
With track three and four i spread a lil’ bit of of dancehall (bounty killah and mista vegass) jamaika shit in the house!!!
Then, the compy goes in da House (House is a feeling, etc… etc..) with legendary producer Todd terry with a bit of soulful classic garage stuff!
So, tha compy goes on with a classic sample-based song (like first Colduct or m.a.r.r.s. works) by Kwanzaa posse, and a nu-school classic disco-funk stomp by Bumper followed by Blue feather and Mel sheppard…the old amazing school!!
At the end of the compy we go back to the Bronx, NYC with a classic “the Roxy” jam (7h wonder)… a dedication to all the bboys around tha World!!
After, groove goes on (and on..and on..) with top Disco producer Alec r. costandinos and
the classic electro-disco tune of all time: “Supernature” by Cerrone!!!
Do you want more?
Next post will come soon!!!!!

1 yma sumac- gopher
2 kaotic style- represent
3 bounty killer- do ya tink i’m sexy?
4 mr. vegas vs double 99- wuk groove
5 todd terry allstars- get down
6 kwanzaa posse- wicked funk
7 bumper- mascara love
8 blue feather- let’s funk tonight
9 mel sheppard- can i take you home
10 blue feather- let it out
11 7th wonder- daisy lady
12 alec r. costandinos- grooves
13 cerrone- supernature


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