“How High” doesn’t contain the classic Salsoul hits. However, it rocks!!

The Sound of the Salsoul label influenced both House and early Hiphop scene. Yes, that’s true. First hiphop djs also played disco (and funk too!) in block parties.

A proof is this compilation mixed by South Bronx DJing pioneer GrandMaster Flash!

Yes, you’re right…. Hiphop today is far away from Disco… it’s another thing. But Take a listen listen to Early hiphop songs like the famous Sugarhill Gang’s hit “Rapper’s Delight“. “Good times” from Chic is a 100% Disco party song!!

This album is a classic Salsoul-style. Good Disco grooves with Funk and Jazz mood. The LP ends with a relaxing jazzy jam: “Stop and think“. A very relaxing song.

Do you want more?

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and.. enjoy!

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