Salmo is a rapper from Sardinia island. His new work is really interesting.
Dark soul and hard rhymes mixed with drum and bass, electronic, noise and fine mpc1000 beats.

This albums shows us a skilled emcee and beatmaker.
Don’t miss it. Yes, rhymes are in italian and spanish, but
don’t be lazy because of italian rhymes and buy this fantastic album!

Salmo , born and rise in sardegna , class 1984 , is a musician , rapper , beat maker , writer . artistically active from thirteen. between 97 and 98 he write his first verses in different tapes . from 99/2000 he produce as a rapper his first demo : “Premeditazione e dolo” “Sotto pelle” (2004) “Mr. antipatia” (2005)
same years : he works in parallel music projects all around Italy and Europe with the SKASICO ( rap – metal band ) and he produces three albums : “Terapia” (2004) “21 grams” (2006) “Orange Bloom” (2008).
in 2009 he takes part in the THREE PIGS TRIP ( stoner band ) producing their first EP : ” mercyfull bullets ” (2009)
in the same time he eats stages with the TOEDGEIN ( punk / hardcore band ) he produces two albums : “TOEDGEIN” (2008) “shell shock” (2011). After thirteen years of musical activity he produce his first LP as a solo , “THE ISLAND CHAINSAW MASSACRE ” made by 17 tracks of pure and sperimental rap . this LP atmosphere broke up with the rules of the actual italian scene the rythmics space from metal , drum n’ bass , electronic , rock n’ roll , from hard beats that them the LP back at the flavour of the 90’s rap . contents remands of negativity , introspective , dirty poetry. an elegant and dirty album , unpredictable , istinctive . a massacre !




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