Another great library from Remigio Ducros. Now we go to Cuba to taste the musical traditions of the island. So we go to the traditional fiesta cubana to dance with the amazing sound of Remigio and his band!

As usual… great library!!

A1 Tropicana 2:23
A2 Campesina 1:45
A3 L.P.V 3:25
A4 Zafra 2:17
A5 Papa’ Doc 2:37
A6 Plena 2:07
A7 El Bar Del Medio 2:03
A8 Cuba Literaria 2:47
B1 La Habana 2:32
B2 Oriente 2:17
B3 Los Cusanos 3:25
B4 Vieja Trova 1:54
B5 Paseo Dell’Indio 2:30
B6 Cuba Libre 2:27
B7 Cubana Suite 5.37

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