From myspace:
“This soul-funk-fusion group was the brainchild of Norman Connors. Some of the original members were Pete Bartee (guitar), Gloria Jones (vocals), Claude Bartee (saxophone), Jimmy Morrison (drums), Ernie Adams (bass) and Jacques Burvick (keys). Their Buddah debut failed to sell in the range of their mentor Connor’s LPs, but has gained in stature with the discovery of “Phoenix” and “East 6th Street.” A move to Elektra was the first of many changes, which included Jones being replaced by Sylvia Striplin and then Connie Harvey. They couldn’t get a hit on Elektra either and broke up in 1980″.

In my opionion:
Wonderful band. Groovy-Soulful songs inside.
All the albums they made are really awesome!!!

Norman Connors BIO [ENG]
Aquarian Dream myspace


1. Phoenix
2. Once Again
3. Treat me like the one you love
4. East 6th Street
5. Guitar Talk
6. Let me be the one
7. Look ahead
8. I’ll always love you

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