This is the First Part of Miami Bass History.
Yeah, first question is What Miami bass IS?

Miami Bass is a style of rap music made in miami during 80s and 90s.
The 1st element you’ll recognize is the cool drum machine sound. Miami Bass is well-know for the use (and abuse!!) of Roland Tr-808 Drum Machine. Other elements are Vocoding and weird pitch-shifting vocals. Lyrics are very explicit and they talk mostly about street stories and women. Inside this compilation you can listen to Miami Bass classic like “Bass Rock Express” from MC Ade one of the first miami bass record.

2 live crew

It’s important remembering the huge popularity of miami bass due to the promotion received in South Florida by local Djs, radio and clubs. Djs like Luke Skywalker, Norbert Morales and Nice’N Nasty contributed to spread the Miami Sound in Club like Pac-Jam, Video Powerhouse or Studio 183. Heavy-Rotation radio programs on WEDR or Power 96 helped expanding popularity of Miami sound around United States. Miami Bass is still produced today and is very popular inside Miami, Florida and everywhere a club needs good music to shake da booty!!

Amos Larkin’ III
Two live Crew
Pappawheelie Article Miami Bass Story

Poison Clan – Shake Whatcha Mama Gave Ya’ (Sampled by FatBoy Slim)

DJ Magic Mike – Magic Mike Cuts The Record

The compilation cointains some of the first Miami Bass Records from 1985 to 1986.

MC Ade – Bass Rock Express
2 Live Crew – Ghetto Bass
Bass Dominators – Go Head
DJ KJ & Kooley C – Let’s Get This Party Started
Gigolo Tony, Cutmaster Crash & Fat Rome – Smurf Rock
J. Grey & Mr. Mixx – Miami
MC A.D.E. & DXJ – Bass Mechanic
MCB & Amos Larkin III – Bass is What We Want
Original Concept – Pump That Bass
Rodney O-Joe Cooley – Everlasting Bass
The Third Degree (DXJ) – Bass It Baby
Worse ’em – Trible M Bass

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