Ivanir do Nascimento was a musician and percussionist that lived in Italy for many years.
He collaborated with Perigeo, Tony Esposito, Ornella Vanoni and many more.
In mid 70s he founded this band and started touring around Italy.

This is their first lp. another one was released two years later.

Enjoy this rare and never re-released lp. Lovely music inside. Bossa-Jazz with Afro influences.

Sergio Scollo (piano)
Giovanna Marinuzzi (voice and guitar)
Damaso Grossi (tenor saxophone)
Riccardo Romei (contrabbass)
Cosimo Lampis (drums)
Mandrake (percussions)

01 – Eu nao Quero Nem Saber
02 – Soul Samba
03 – Insensatez
04 – Arrastao
05 – Deixa Isso pra La
06 – Reza
07 – Berimbau
08 – O dia em que eu Morrer


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  1. Boskizzi,he is not italian,he is a Brazilian,he was my uncle living in italy for many years.the real name is Ivanir do Nascimento.yhanx for the post Romo.

  2. I know he’s not italian!
    There’ a bio in the italian wikipedia and a friend of mine got the original vinyl.

    Maximum respect, though!

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