I Baronetti were a Sardinia Island rock band.

I think that this is the one and only LP published by the band, with only few published after this LP. The sound
is rock-beat with groovy organ Lyrics are in Sardinian language and they speak about life in this beautiful island or the classic love main beat themes. The name of the band is a homage to Beatles. Baronetti (Barons) because Beatles in 1965 were appointed by The Queen Elisabeth II Members of the Order of the British Empire (MBE). Unfortunately the infos about this band aren’t enough. During 60s in Italy, there were three (or more?) bands with the same name!!

Pino D’Olbia tribute page (he was the singer of Baronetti that had a solo career during 60s and 70s)

1. Adiu vidda mea
2. Ajò ajò
3. Bruna isolana
4. Cantendi in lu riu
5. Cantu di Ghitterra
6. Felmati
7. Isola bianca
8. Isola mia
9. Isola souvenir
10. Lentischi e fichi d’india
11. Lu cantu di lu banditu
12. No trattammi cussì
13. Pastorella sarda
14. Welcome to Costa Smeralda


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  1. yep!
    me too!

    coming soon a special interview with the other baronetti band from rome with their only 45, with a cover of bar-kays "soul finger" as a souvenir!

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