Today I introduce you a great italian musican: Detto Mariano.

Orchestra leader, songwriter and music producer, He collaborated with many italian musician (Adriano celentano above all) and he made great film scores during 70s and 80s.

This is the interview I had with him one year ago and now I had a few time to translate it.
This is only the first part so please be patient, other parts are coming soon!

The first question i have in mind is the following:
What about you and Lucio Battisti during the recording sessions, do you remember anything?

I’m writing a book where I’ll tell stories with the artists whom I collaborated during my music career. One of these stories is about one of the first recordings sessions done with Battisti. It was the “Balla Linda” song session.

This is a question from a music producer point of view. I’ve never been famous or well-known, so how did you feel being “one of the first” on the hit Parade?

How old are you? I think you’re young. So, strong enough!
People say I am “the first out of many”, others say: “ I’m the worse”. The only important thing for me it’s be myself every time.

Let’s change the topic. I really want to know, what do you think about Demetrio Stratos? Who was him as a person and what do you remember about the time he was playing with “I Ribelli (The Rebels)?

Demetrio Stratos joined I Ribelli during their final period. Demetrio played the organ first. At that time I was really busy with my job and I remember I Ribelli needed to be more independent than being the backing band of Adriano Celentano during his shows only. In fact after Demetrio joined the band the changed the record company (Dischi Ricordi) and I losed the sight of them. But the short time I met him was enough to appreciate his gentle personality, the talent and to say to the singers of the band: “Do you realize how does this guys sing?” After a short time they recorded “Pugni Chiusi” so they realize it!

Part2 coming soon!

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