The Bomb!!!! Amazing incredible collection of grrrrooovy incredible dancey sounds courtesy of beat records. This is a must have and if you follow this blog you’d listen to it. A top selection of crime jazz, funk and disco tracks with the classic “sessomatto” sampled by many producers around the world. Buy the original, please!!

Great present for Christmas!

Original CD contains lso an amazing poster. So if you love italian soundtracks this may be a good present. If you wanna dance with da original italian soundtrack sound THIS is the final compilation !!

Cincecocktail, perfect stereo sounds to rock the pAAARTYYYY!

Maximum respect to Franco De Gemini and Beat Records!!!

CD 1 – Original Soundtrack Music Compilation

01. La Ragazza Dalle Mani Di Corallo Seq. 1*
02. Satanik Seq. 20
03. La Ragazza Dalle Mani Di Corallo Seq. 2*
04 La Ragazza Dalle Mani Di Corallo Seq. 3*
05. Diamond Trumpet
06. Satanik Seq. 3
07. Satanik Seq. 18
08. La Ragazza Dalle Mani Di Corallo Seq. 4*
09. Kriminal Seq. 28
10. Amore All’Arrabbiata Seq. 1*
11. L’Isola Delle Svedesi Seq. 1*
12. Amore All’Arrabbiata Seq. 2*
13. Sesso Matto
14. La Settima Donna Seq. 6*
15. Yeti
16. Funky Disco Soul
17. Tic Nervoso (Instrumental)
18. Gangster Story
19. Tic Nervoso (Vocal)
20. Sliding Crime
21. La Settima Donna Seq. 4*

CD 2 – “Jazzy” Remixes

22. Diamond Trumpet
23. Sliding Crime
24. Gangster Story
25. Funky Disco Soul
26. Yeti
27. Fay (Bonus Remix)

* Track Never Released Before

Track: 1-3-4-8-10-11-12-14-21 Composed By Roberto Pregadio
Track: 2-6-7-9 Composed By Roberto Pregadio & Romano Mussolini
Track: 5-22-27 Composed By Francesco De Masi
Track: 13 Composed By Armando Trovaioli
Track: 15-16-25-26 Composed By Sante Maria Romitelli
Track: 17-19 Composed By Berto Pisano
Track: 18-20-23 Composed By Guido & Maurizio De Angelis

Cinecocktail #1 REVIEW and more is here

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