MC Jazzy Jeff – On Fire (1985)

MC Jazzy jeff (Jeff Miree) was a rapper from band Funky Four+1. One of the first Hiphop bands founded in 1979 in NYC. The most famous song of the band it’s the classic evergreen masterpiece “That’s the Joint“. Jazzy started his solo career in 1983, after Funky 4+1 splitted up. All Music guide says:“His only […]

Quintomondo – Dove sei (Where are you?) [2009]

Quintomondo are a hiphop band from Cassino (Italy). Their new album is distributed free around the world. Levante, Onami, Tdsoull, beatboxer Mind.Erz and Dj Ayatollah made a cool very original product in italian rap/hiphop scene. Inside there are no instrumentals produced with sampler but only the mouth work of italian beatboxer Mind.Erz. Sound is fresh, […]

Miami Bass History Part 1

This is the First Part of Miami Bass History.Yeah, first question is What Miami bass IS? Miami Bass is a style of rap music made in miami during 80s and 90s.The 1st element you’ll recognize is the cool drum machine sound. Miami Bass is well-know for the use (and abuse!!) of Roland Tr-808 Drum Machine. […]

Greg Wilson – Credit to the edit vol.1 (2005)

Bio:Greg Wilson is a DJ that made history in Manchester during the 80s. He spread the verb of electro-funk, a mixture of Funk with robotic Kraftwerk sounds. Wilson was known for playing jazz funk records with residencies in clubs in New Brighton between 1975 and 1980. At the start of the eighties, Wilson moved to […]

maxim – Hell’s Kitchen (2000)

This is the 1st Lp from Maxim, the great Prodigy MC.A good groovy album featuring Skin of Skunk anansie and old-school rap legendDivine styler. Tracklist:1. Hadrian’s Wall 2. Killing Culture 3. Carmen Queasy feat. Skin 4. Spectral Wars feat. Divine Styler 5. Hell’s Kitchen 6. Scheming 7. Worldwide Syndicates f. Tony Titanium 8. Soul Seller […]

Ed Royal – Live your dreams (2009)

Soul Seduction review: After his first album “the groove collage” the time has finally come for Ed Royal to present us with his second masterpiece “live your dreams”. The title reflects the luck and ambition he has had in once again turning his hobby into a job. Ed has been crisscrossing his way through Europe […]