Il Balletto di Bronzo – Sirio 2222 (Japanese Edition) [1970]

Il Balletto di Bronzo is an italian Rock band formed in late 60s. “Sirio 2222” was their first LP published in 1970. It is a good mix of rock, pop, classical music, beat and psychedelic sounds influenced by Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin. It’s one of the first progressive-rock-oriented album made by italian music scene. […]

Cinecocktail – The Second Chance (Beat Records)

The Bomb!!!! Amazing incredible collection of grrrrooovy incredible dancey sounds courtesy of beat records. This is a must have and if you follow this blog you’d listen to it. A top selection of crime jazz, funk and disco tracks with the classic “sessomatto” sampled by many producers around the world. Buy the original, please!! Great […]

Pipa de la Paz – Pipa de la Paz (1971) [Peace Pipe]

Mexican Band from 1971. Love this swingin’ Album!!Lyrics in English and Spanish. Tracklist:1. pipa de la paz2. baby let me kiss you 3. he perdido 4. groovy situation 5. give it to me 6. it’s too late (cover) 7. chili funk 8. i can’t stop dance (cover) //// SUGGESTED DISH: “There is, I feel, a […]

Tequila – Tequila (1973)

An undiscovered gem directly from Mexico. This LP is very very beautiful. Raunchy funk grooves with strong horns mixed with traditional mexican songs flavoured with spanish lyrics. Strong James Brown influence but amazing original and personal sound too. Be sure… this is a masterpiece !! More infos about TEQUILA here (Spanish) Tracklist:1. lookin’ around2. get […]

Peppino De Luca – Il Dio chiamato dorian (1970) OST

web:Peppino de luca bio (Italian) Tracklist:1. Portrait 1:40 2 Giallo A Londra 3:18 3 Amore In Piccadilly 2:02 4 Il Battello 3:36 5 Ouverture Scozzese 2:29 6 Rito A Los Angeles 1:36 7 Amore In Piccadilly (Versione 2) 1:20 8 Metamorfosi Di Un Ritratto 1:15 9 Amore In Piccadilly (Versione 3) 2:17 10 Dorian Gray […]