Scuola Furano – Tribute EP (2010)

LISTEN to the NEW SCUOLA FURANO EP Scuola Furano aka one of the freshest italian ass-shakin’ dance project of the last decade!!Don’t miss it please!!

Vanilla Ace – Bebe Bush (2010)

Who is Vanilla Ace? A wordplay with the famous 90s rapper Vanilla Ice? But this single is really different from old Vanilla rap’s touch! House groovy-filtered french-house amazing tune!Don’t miss this 2 dancefloor bombs, please!

Digi G’alessio – Shiny Brazils (2009)

“Mr. Digi G’Alessio is an honourable gentleman both secure in style and fine in humour”.This is how Mr. Digi presents himself. Digi G’alessio in italy is a popular famous singer and producer. Hey, i’m serious!! Fat beats and crunchy psych-funktaztik with gentle melodies in stereo sounds are very very popular in Italy!! His last work […]