Ilija Rudman – The Reveal (2011, Bear Funk)

This album is a great surprise! This Croatian producer mixes old school breakdance boogie beatswith wild percussions, soulful exotic grooves and electro bleeps!!! …and this unusual mixture works!!! Imagine Bboys doin’ electro boogie in the Savana (“Congo Diamond”)Sounds like: Kraftwerk and Jellybean Benitez meet Jack Costanzo and Martin Denny!!!Freshhhy phonkey urban grooves (“Twenty Questions”)A Relaxin’ […]

Nico Fidenco – Black Emanuelle’s Grooves (1998)

Excellent compilation with a great selection of songs taken from Fidenco’s Emanuelle saga production. Fidenco as the name says, is an italian music singer and composer. He made some hits during 60s then started producing interesting music soundtracks. Don’t miss this great selection!! Tracklist:1. Emanuelle in America Sweet [From Emanuelle in America] 2. Sweet Bossa […]

Armando Sciascia – Sexy ad alta tensione OST [High Voltage Sexy] (1963)

Wikipedia Bio (Italian) Short Bio:Around the mid-sixties, orchestra director Armando Sciascia began his activity as a producer and editor by creating the Vedette record label, and together with a group of friends and musicians began to produce soundtrack material for films, documentaries and TV shows. By the end of the sixties Vedette had begun to […]