Mandrake Som – Sombossa (EMI Italy, 1975)

Ivanir do Nascimento was a musician and percussionist that lived in Italy for many years.He collaborated with Perigeo, Tony Esposito, Ornella Vanoni and many more.In mid 70s he founded this band and started touring around Italy. This is their first lp. another one was released two years later. Enjoy this rare and never re-released lp. […]

Digi G’alessio – Shiny Brazils (2009)

“Mr. Digi G’Alessio is an honourable gentleman both secure in style and fine in humour”.This is how Mr. Digi presents himself. Digi G’alessio in italy is a popular famous singer and producer. Hey, i’m serious!! Fat beats and crunchy psych-funktaztik with gentle melodies in stereo sounds are very very popular in Italy!! His last work […]