Last but not least!! – Les Rythmes Digitales – Darkdancer (1999)

Hi guys, This time I want to share with you “Darkdancer”, the second and unfortunately last album of Stuart Price with his side project “Les Rythmes Digitales” Enjoy this pearl!! lrd by romo on Grooveshark I absolutely love the Videos! Stuart is still using this moniker to produce music. This is his last remix for […]

Danger Mouse and Daniele Luppi

Danger Mouse and Italian Producer Daniele Luppi talks about their last project that host many italian composers from the past and the famous “i cantori moderni di alessandroni” chorus with “the whistle” Alessandro Alessandroni. Do you want more?Lex Records Website

A Groooooovy 2010!!!!

“Music, particolarly strongly rhythmic music provides a mechanism for the synchronization of the body and its various subsystems” Robyn Sylvan, Traces of the Spirit, 2002 Just give an example… an example…

Romo goes English

I have decided to write this blog in English, beacuse of the people. People comes all over the world and they found Italian language difficult to understand.So, i’ll try to write it in English only. Older posts will be translated as soon as possible! Bye! Romo – Writer and author of this audio blog!Keep the […]