Brief Bio:
Jack McDuff was a talented bandleader and organist with the Hammond B-3. He started his career in the 50s working with piano and organ. In 60s created his band with Harold Vick and drummer Joe Dukes and then hired a young guitarist called George Benson (!!). He published a lot of albums with famous jazz labels like Blue Note or Prestige. During the 80s he played electronic keyboards and plublished his music for Sugarhill records, a famous record label owned by the soul singer Sylvia Robinson (well-known for the Sugarhill Gang and Rapper’s delight, the 1st million-dollar rap hit).

1. Flat Backin’
2. Oblighetto
3. Moon Rappin’
4. Made In Sweden
5. Loose Foot

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Oblighetto, is a well-known song because it was sampled by A Tribe Called quest on their all-time classic “Scenario”.

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