This time ROMO will take you on a journey to Brazil with Jussanam, a Latin/Jazz singer-songwriter from Rio de Janeiro. Get carried away by her soulful gentle voice and dance to the groovy rhythms of foot-stomping bass house beats and electronic sounds fused with original samba percussions.


“Bora que é nós” is a perfect blend between the one-of-a-kind Carnival in Rio and a club in Ibiza! This song is all about having fun because, you know, life is one, and we need to enjoy every moment of it.


Jussanam is a Brazilian-Icelandic Jazz Singer from Rio de Janeiro who has been living in France since 2013. She has released two independent CDs, both of which have received excellent reviews, and has been a finalist in several jazz festivals. She is also an actress and is currently working on a project celebrating the life and talent of Josephine Baker.


ROMO is an Italian Music Producer, DJ, Sound Designer, Beatboxer, and Music Writer who has performed in venues across Europe and Southeast Asia. His music is a mix of Funk, Disco, Electronica, Jazz, House, Hip-Hop, Drum & Bass, and Techno mixed with an extra boost of energetic live performances fusing the art of Human Beatbox and Djing together. He recently released a beatbox sample pack for one of the best EDM Record Labels: Dharma, owned by KSHMR.