Hot soundtrack of the 1978 movie by italian “molleggiato” (bouncy).
With this soundtrack Celentano shows his whole talent. Finally he learned English (Celentano is famous everywhere for song “Prisencolin”, watch video by clicking here, well-known today because some people recently wrongly assumed this song was the first rap record, by the way read this related article) and written real English lyrics. The soundtrack had been influenced by USA Disco scene. Celentano was really inspired and give us a good personal exciting vision of Dance music…. and don’t forget to watch the movie if you want to discover the crazy world of (not Arthur Brown!!) Adriano Celentano!!

“Geppo il Folle” – The movie plot:
Geppo is a superstar singer that want to conquest America with his music where his idol (Barbra Streisand) lives. He asked a sexy English teacher named Gilda to teach him a little bit of English. Gilda falls in love with him and ask Geppo not to fly to America. But he refused Gilda’s love and leaves Italy. “Geppo” is a portrait of Celentano’s personality.

“Che cosa ti farei” in movie “Geppo il folle”*
*Track here is a bit different from album because there isn’t Celentano’s voice but only a solo guitar

2. Hello America
3. Happy to be dancing with you
4. Che cosa ti farei
5. (Please) Stay a little longer
6. Sei proprio tu (Don’t get me wrong)

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