Acidizer is an utility for use with the Sony Acid series (current
version is 2.0, from 2000).

Software developement is stopped, but this tool is very useful for Acid users.

Acidizing a file involves adding extra information to the audio file that is

ACID-specific. This information contains all of the properties on the Track
tab in the Properties window, including the stretching properties, root note,
and number of beats or tempo of the file. This information is then used by
ACID to time-stretch and pitch-shift the file for you automatically when you
open it.

When you use an audio file that hasn’t been acidized, Acid defaults to
‘loop’ each time… a real annoyance if you plan to use a lot of drum samples
as one-shots. At this point, you must change the properties for each file
you drag into Acid.

Acid allows you to permanently save the property information for audio files,
but only one at a time. Acidizer can change these properties for all the
files in a directory of your choice in one swift operation. Change all your
samples in directory A to one-shots. Change all the samples in directory B
to loop, 4 beats, without transposition. Use the time you’ll save with
Acidizer to further your Acid creations.

This version works with Windows Vista. After installing Acidizer, copy the file MSCOMCT2.OCX into Acidizer folder and enjoy!!

Click here to download Acidizer

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