By request… The first episode of a great italian library selection!!

The label:

Black Cat Records was an independent discographic label created in Rome in 1999 by Alessandro Casella, editor of the entertainment magazine, Il Giaguaro. The music proprosed by Black Cat Records ranged from Jazz to Italian Soundtracks to Bossa Nova, musical genres in which Italy played the lead role on the worldwide scene of the sixties and seventies.

1. Swoop -Kema/Brean/Raskovich
2. Herbie – (A. Metz-G Kothe-R Henk) Joy unlimited
3. Sergowa – Basilvian
4. Bass String -Basilvian
5. Breeding Ground – (G. Kothe-D. Kindi) Joy unlimited
6. Blower РThe Pawnshop featuring Eraldo Volont̬
7. Rio Indio -Basilvian
8. Mondo Verde – Basilvian
9. 800 Volts – Basilvian
10. Black Spot – Giovanni Castellani
11. Soul Gravy – (Nagel-Henk-Kindi-Metz) Joy unlimited
12. V Dimensions -Basilvian
13. Lotus – A. Damico
14. Jigsaw Man – (G. Kothe-R. Henk) Joy unlimited
15. Tutti Fiori – Antonio & Ciro Dammicco
16. Telegraph is Calling – (Kema/Brean/Raskovich
) Pawnshop
*songs from 1969 to 1974


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