IDA World Dj Championships 2016 – Kraków, Poland

HOME BLOG CONTACTS IDA World DJ Championships 2016, Poland | Report IDA World DJ Championships 2016 report Final results Show category:1. Beatbombers — Portugal2. Skillz, Mendo Sam, kTDR1 — France3. Tas — Poland Technical category:1. Erick Jay — Brazil2. Dom-Auto — Japan3. Datflex — Spain Scratch category:1. VaZee — Poland2. Fakser — Italy Krakow is […]

Winter Music Conference 2015 Tips & Tricks


HOME BLOG CONTACTS winter music conference tips and tricks From March 24-29, 2015, I went for the first time to the Winter Music Conference, a week full of panels, concerts, pool parties, and DJ sets all around Miami Beach. It was a dream come true. I was very excited about the whole thing, hoping to meet […]

Star Wax Magazine

Today I would like to introduce a great free web magazine to you: “Star Wax is a Djs lifestyle free magazine made by Djs for Djs, beatmakers, diggers & music lovers. Available quarterly the march, june, september and december on self-service in 220 address in all France : In all vinyl shops & most famous […]

Groove Armada – Free NEW Track ONLINE – Free Download

Groove Armada‘s New track is online!! “Shameless” feat. Bryan Ferry.New album is coming soon. Name: Black Light CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD PROMO BRAND NEW TRACK First Single out last November is called “I Won’t Kneel”. Watch the video. … and enjoy!

Lobo Sound System –

New fresh trio (Sure? A trio of what?) comes back from ? nowhere near earth. Lobo Sound system is an experimental project involving open-minded musicians probably seen in Calaris (Calaris? What is it?) and everywhere out of this world during 20th and last century. Pepole say they are three musicians that play musical instruments coming […]

Buraka Som Sistema – Sound of Kuduro (2009)

Wikipedia says: “Kuduro (or kuduru) is a type of music originally born in Angola in the 1980s and in 1994 was exported to Lisbon in Portugal. It is characterized as uptempo, energetic, and danceable”.Yes, that’s right. This song festuring M.I.A. is really interesting. Buraka som sistema is a portugal-based band but memebers come from Angola. […]