LNRipley – LNRipley (2007)

LNRipley project was born in Italy, Turin in 2006 inspired by Aliens saga.The idea was to mix up drum’nbass, punk, electronica and real music instruments together.This is their debut album. After this, they made new HOT material in 2008 and 2009 influenced by dubstep. Their gigs are SO popular in Italy also receiving props from […]

Ben Wa – Devil Dub (1998)

Leftfield-sound oriented LP from USAI used to play this great LP years ago.Dark dubbed-out sounds directly from HELL!! Group created by Bay Area musicians: Butthouse & Dr. Ware in 1997Disbanded after the release of another rare & great album in 2001. More infos HERE http://www.mediafire.com/?8sjvk22bffs9d19

The Chemical Brothers – Hanna OST (2011, Universal)

Yeah, the boys are back again with their first Film score!!!And it sound damn’ good! I know what you’re thinkin’ now… they copied Daft Punk and made a score. While the robots made an orchestral score plus a bunch of their classic house-groovey sounds, Chems made a soundtrack with their classic hard-to-the-core electronica style. Dark […]

Salmo – The Island Chainsaw massacre (2011)

Salmo is a rapper from Sardinia island. His new work is really interesting.Dark soul and hard rhymes mixed with drum and bass, electronic, noise and fine mpc1000 beats. This albums shows us a skilled emcee and beatmaker.Don’t miss it. Yes, rhymes are in italian and spanish, butdon’t be lazy because of italian rhymes and buy […]

Skream – The Freeizm Album (2010)

Skream gave us a FREE album… and it’s massive!!With old stuff, lost dubs and some new stuff. Skream said:” Merry Christmas….. Massive shouts to everyone who’s supported me this year in any way….. This album is complied of old stuff,Lost dubs and some new stuff so i hope you enjoy!Heres to 2011!” CTO, one ot […]

Major Lazers – Guns don’t kill people… lazers do (2009)

“Major Lazer fought as a Jamaican commando who lost one arm in a secret zombie war in 1984. He fights vampires and various monsters, parties hard, and has a rocket-powered hoverboard” Major Lazer Press-Release ML is the new fresh project from Diplo and fidget hero Switch. OFFICIAL WEBSITE http://www.mediafire.com/?qyot43eleug629i

Casio CZ-3000, VSTi and Album

Justin Robert made a VSTi emulation of classic dirty 80s synth from CASIO.Sounds really interesting! He also made an album entirely recorded with CZ-3000 synth: “1986”. Don’t miss it! WEB:Justin Robert BlogCZ-3000 infosEBAY CZ-3000 auctions

Skrillex – Two EPs (2010, mau5trap)

Today i’d suggest you two great eps from Los Angeles musician Sonny Moore aka Skrillex “My name is Skrillez” (out late July) and “Scary Monsters and nice Sprites (out October 22nd)”. These two EPs reveal a great electronic music producer with good taste and skills. Whitout any doubt Skrillex is one of the most interesting […]